terça-feira, julho 25, 2006

The Spiritual Quest - Spirit Within

The spirit within…

When you abandon yourself… something inside happens. Something starts to take control, something else lives beyond the surface… something.

Magic and coincidences become your day life.
Any resistance becomes pain.
Any step out of the edge of the sword equals suffering.
No way to avoid the task, no way not to embrace it… unless oblivion.

Still… something else exists…

By logic – if this universe advances from the abstract to the defined, the ego is directly linked to free will.

Abandoning our nature as individuals would seem to abandon free will – for good or for bad, that is what makes us humans – without it we would become part of the furniture of nature or pseudo-angelic entities flying almost unaware of the world around – and maybe this is the ending result of the process when passing from the “seed” which defends from breaching it’s defining skin in to a “sprouting little tree” growing beyond the borders of what it seemed the world beneath - inside the earth… to become tree in the world above… to give fruits… which will become seeds… which will sprout…

Still, in this mid step, there’s an "in between move" that seems to be escaping our awareness of the process.

To truly exercise the free will, we should get rid from reminiscences of reaction attached to our apparent choices and emotional response, to the magnetism with which we so much attach to suffering upon ourselves and the others, to habits and routines that bind and destroy ourselves and all around… to become fully aware is this step which follows.

This changing entity, this shifting skin of our identity grows from animal like patterns to awareness and identification to the self, from basic free will subdued to reactionary response to become free from reaction in a way we may truly feel options are taken beyond the rule of fear, doubt and disbelief.
From orbiting around peripheral emanations of the center, we start to step closer to the essence which manifests in flesh, feeling, thought and energy… that complex structure we usually call “me”…

A new age has arrived.
The changes are silent, the changes are in the inner sanctum, the lessons are brand on living flesh as the flesh itself changes from quality and links to a “higher” goal, a deeper voice beyond this little voice screaming inside trying to command and rule fed by fear and doubt.

The new era has begun – and many are experiencing in silence the mutation.
The new humankind is growing and the metamorphosis is being slowly but implacably leaded by other dormant guides, those which take us as we start to show the signs of awakening and lead our steps to the road forgotten, the path guarded by mists… the realm of the invisible…

Ruach… free yourselves

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Micas disse...

Este vento cálido e agreste do "nosso" minho de mãos dádas com a brisa maritima deste mar que banha uma costa "ainda" selvagem para além de libertar ainda lavam a alma...sei que sou previlegiada por puder sentir e viver estes momentos...
Já tinha saudades de te ler. Deixo-te um abraço agora quase sem distãncia fisica :)
Fica bem