quinta-feira, junho 15, 2006

Die Unendliche Geschichte

The world it is not as it is… now – for any that reads this – it is as we see it.

The truth can’t be torn, twisted, forced in to bend so it may fit the desire of the mind. Fear can’t use truth – it will always be a lie that way…

There was a boy – who loved so much books – that one day he did what any Man does when passion knocks on his door – he stole a book from a bookstore.

This was not any ordinary book – it was THE book – and he knew that deeply since the first moment he saw it upon a table, read by the bookkeeper.
It could be his most precious book… but Bastian had to do it, he had to take it.

This boy was fat, he had no mother, his colleagues had beaten and insulted him frequently, he was not good with exercise nor with any other subjects at school, his father was a dentist always absent in his work… still this boy could tell stories, he had imagination… and he loved books and stories of adventures.

And then he knew Fantasia.
And he knew about the Child Empress and the “Nothingness” that menaced to destroy Fantasia forever.
And he met Atreyu, the olive skin boy with purple mantle who had no father or mother and was the child of all…

He found that the very essence of the “nothingness” – is what we call “lies” in this world.
Each part of fantasia that was taken by the nothingness was twisted in here as a lie, each fantasian that jumped in that magnetic void was transformed in to a lie – used to any means in the human realm.

He cried, he laughed, he went all along with Atreyu until the end in his quest to save fantasia and the Child Empress

And then – the end was a new beginning… and Bastian (this was the name of the boy ) started a new world.

He wished to be strong. He wished to be smart. He wished to be powerful.
And so he was.

Using the symbol of the empress – the Auryn - he discovered a sentence on it’s back – a sentence Atreyu seemed not to notice when he himself used it: ”Do what you want”.

All his wishes started to build a new fantasia… with them grew different new stories and different new realms.

He learned about all this but there was a hidden truth in Fantasia – as much as he desired, as much as he forgot about who he was before or where he had come from.

As much powerful and self sufficient he became, as far distant he was from Atreyu.

In the end – he fought Atreyu, and he hurt that who he loved.

He wanted to become emperor of fantasia – and that meant oblivion since all those who desired it before became as hollow lost beings forever.

Atreyu saved him risking his own life in an epic combat in front of the Ivory Tower – the place of the Child Empress.

And then – Bastian – alone and naked, wondered… trying to find out his last wish – the one that could return him back to his world, his last memory

It was the memory of his father…
But it got crushed by these strange entities he had transformed – in vane ignorance – from sad and horrible beings, in to strange bizarre ever laughing creatures…

Then he was all alone
No hope, no memory of home

On the last moment – when all desire was gone, and all that he thought important (as strength, good looks, wisdom, power) was useless; when he had to face the waters of life and to step in to the heart of both worlds – it was the hand of Atreyu, mortally wounded but not dead when Bastian fought him – that took him and said his real name to the ever lasting waters.

And so – Bastian – returned.
And he brought back those waters.
So we may drink, so we may be free from the appearances of this “NeverEnding Story”.

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