domingo, junho 04, 2006

The Bridge of Khazad-Dum

There is a path – a thin path to travel.

The only way out possible from the maze of Moria… that – in greek – is linked to "Moira" - the three women that decide Men's “destiny”.

Led by a pale light, nine companions fly from horror…

There are two main figures that oppose on the bridge…

In one hand there is shadow and flame.
A Balrog - “demon of power” - was standing in one of the bridge ends…
This is a creature far more scaring and threatening than the movie of Peter Jackson may show...

It was a vast and dense void, a moving shadow that scared both enemy and ally.
In it – a human shape could be guessed and – within – flame sprout and threatened
Whip of fire stings in the dark and a horrid cauterizing sword of flame destroys the world around

It is a “Maiar” – an “angel” of fire lore from Tolkien's realm.
A fallen conscience whom serves oppression and is mounted in power and will.

In front we have Gandalf… the “Olorín” from Valinor – his name means “Dreams”…
He’s also known as “Mithrandir” – the "grey wanderer", or as “Incanus” – "the ruler of mind".

He’s another Maiar.
Another “angel” of fire – this one dwelt a long time on the forests of Lórien – the Lord of Dreams.
When he “resurrects” he does so in “Lothlórien” – the blossom of Lórien - in this Middle Earth… the realm of Galadriel.

His shape is that of an old man dressed in ragged garments. It’s power is advice and counsel against evil.
He has a walking staff in one hand and an elvish sword that glitters in the dark if orcs are near.

Now – the interesting.
Gandalf is “a servant of the secret fire, a wielder of the flame of Anor”.

He serves the fire that will never be known by the mind and he wields the flame of Anor – the Sun.
The Sun – on Tolkien’s realm – is a female… so truth.

She lights the way – and it is the male principle – Ithil, the moon – which is empty and reflects the light of life within.

The power he wields is light
It is harmony – and so appears in P.J movie when facing the “Nazgul” (the wraiths) and their dreadful power in front of the walls of Minas Tirith - a delicate song and a stream of light that drive the shadows of despair away.

The Sun that gives life.
The Sun that nurses life on the dusty earth.
The Sun that lives in each cell of this planet… “Fusion” it’s the name of the miracle, using science terms.

Against it stands the will of power and dominion.
It is shadow and obscure human shape.
It is “Fission” and nuclear power in a twisted and abominating form.

The two sides of the bridge are a mirror image.

Each a path, each an end…

We have nuclear Fusion – the energy we receive from the Sun – which creates and maintains life and harmony.

We have nuclear Fission – the energy we create from nuclear weapons - and which causes death and aberration, an energy that comes from fear and will to dominate

Both at the ends of the bridge…

The “Angel that rises in power” against the “Angel that wields life”…

Notice as well…

Sauron - "(Lord) of Abomination" , who was also called “Annatar” – "lord of gifts" - has no shape at the time of the Third age – he’s as lidless eye…

The Wraiths are shapeless again – they are terror and hollow servants of power
Their victims become wraiths as well and pass to the shadow realm as hollow servants of power… naked in the dark, with no Sun to warm you… no light of life… just shadows and despair…

The Elves are different incarnated entities… they travel both realms and know the “straight path” towards Valinor after the closing of the world.
They are immortal because they do not dwell in time – but may be killed by war or melancholy…

Mankind is a middle step.
Incarnated – they may turn to the light or to the shadow, they have free will to choose one or the other.
No Elf ever turned to the Shadow by their own will – though they did lots of mistakes and wrong deeds.

Then you have the Orcs
Elves corrupted by evil until they turned to animals that prey and war everybody including themselves.
They hate nature and all existence – they are trapped and are ruled by fear of their masters – not by hope or any value or virtue.

Think how much your back has bowed because of fear and pain in these last years… until your heart is so veiled that you start to seem as an orc – walking with low shoulders, hidden chest, fearful of sunlight and doing things in life ruled by fear of non having, non being…

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